At times I feel like it's just me against the world...

  • Carmelo Junior

    Dictionary of the Obama Fantasy USA

    Crisis: the excuse to overdrive 230 years of free market tradition.

    Earmarks: Tax payers’ money sent to fraudulent and corrupt agencies to payback past campaign support.

    High Approval numbers: what pro liberal pollsters with dubious population sample data come out with after listening to a TelePrompTer speech.

    Recession: what a closet Marxist US president needed to advance his economic utopia.

    Recovery: the way to spend like crazy thinking that money grows in trees.

    Stimulus: the way to buy public approval for the unnecessary and unconstitutional spending process(see Recovery)

    Tax cheater: the main qualification to become US Treasury Secretary and to oversee the IRS.

  • Sparky

    BJ – LOL – you left the best one for last! I’m still chuckling!

    Rozathesocialist is probably printing your post and saying prayers to it evey night.

  • Sparky

    Great post PP! Keep up the good work!

  • Sparky

    Carmelo – meant to say CJ…not BJ….my apologies.