At times I feel like it's just me against the world...

  • Carmelo Junior

    It looks like this 44 is going to have his voice reccorded saying the same old stuff for almost 4 years: “I have no knowledge”, “I did not have meetings with that person”….” That was just a guy that asked for my autograph 10 years ago”"

    In the meanwhile, our enemies are planning the next 9-11….to be continued…

  • Rozathegreat

    Bring on the wiretaps, lol.


  • mbander


    You forgot my personal favorite quote of his: “That is not the (fill in name of Obama croney that he spent endless hours with, sought guidance from, went to dinner with, babysat his kids, etc) that I knew.”

  • Rozathegreat

    Something I heard on Mr. Hannity (of all people, lol) today, which I think is a big part missing from your articles the last few days is this:

    “Just to be clear, he has not said he has had no contact with the Governor about his replacement………that’s just the part they keep showing on the screen. What was actually asked of him was “Mr. President Elect, have you had any contact with Gov. Blagojevich since his arrest. Which is when he responded “I have not had any contact with the Governors office”.”

    Even Mr. “Democrats Suck” himself does the research; or not really research he just actually listens to the interviews and not take bits and pieces that support his conspiracy theory.

    Just heard that on his show, so I wanted to throw that in there.