At times I feel like it's just me against the world...

  • amazed

    how does having a conversation about his race run towards calling him an oreo? it is a fruitful conversation even though i disagree with the role you claim xxl plays in the black community, but thats neither here nor there. as someone who is a child of african immigrants here in the u.s., i have always thought we need to have a conversation about the hateful things said by both africans and black americans and the ways we view one another. that conversation does not make anyone more or less black. and just because xxl says it doesn’t make it so. if barack obama’s presidency allows the conversation about the diversity of the black experience in this country then i am all for it.

  • Rozathegreat

    My opinion………..

    A white person posing as a black person wrote that article. For one, how people in the urban community use the term “nigga” has absolutely nothing to do with race, and two, anyone black is well aware that if you have an OUNCE of color in your skin, IN THIS SOCIETY, you are considered black or a person of color.

    So Barack Obama is as black as the man that is blue black.


  • Carmelo Junior

    Obama looks black to me. He attended a “black church”. He is associated with “black causes”, he married a “black woman” and fathered “black kids” who were baptized by a “black pastor”, who happens to have strong feeling against “rich white people” who, like Donald Trump, supported McCain by 55%.
    Obama talks, walks and plays basketball like a “black man”. He got 95% of “black vote”.

    Obama was elected as the first real “black president”. The first fake black president was Bill Clinton who had many “black friends”

    Obama is protestant and black. He protests, he litigates and fights like a “black man”. Obama believes in a “black Jesus” and a white Martin de Porras, and Obama was supported by the Black Panthers.

    Obama is black! He is a “mainstream , articulate black guy” who is also a “story book” .

    Obama is so “black” that he even said it in his rallies “…did I say he is black?”

  • Happydaysarehereagain

    I agree seems kind of bogus. Seems like race-baiting. Like a bomb thrower. Is XXL representive of the “Urban Community”? How does the “Urban Community ” differ from the “Suburban Community”? How do readers of XXL differ from readers of JET, Ebony, Essence, or Black Enterprise? Try again.