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  • AFan

    You folks are Republican by nature!!

  • GPaul

    Oh yeah! Let’s stretch the 2012 presidential campagn out for four+ years!! Go to and donate your cash NOW! Iowa and New Hampshire primaries are meaningless. Obama and Clinton split them if you remember. If we wanna look at the primary/election process, lets look at how both parties nominate candidates. Lets look at the electoral college. There are many things far more important than the order of primarys. We have not even inaugarated the president we just elected, give us a little break on 2012. If Clinton does accept Secratary of State position, she will not be a presidential candidate in 2012.

  • Carmelo Junior

    GPaul, Gpaul…may God give you some thinking.

    Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t even in his first year as US senator when he started to run for president. When he started “fund raising” and putting his Acorn machine mmmm I mean his supporters in place.